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The creative team at Polt Design Group have a plethora of experience working in many diverse areas of design. Our combined professional knowledge and skills obtained from numerous backgrounds allows us to excel in various markets; from government healthcare to public sector design.

Design Services

  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Additions
  • Design-Build
  • Interior Design
  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • Space Planning
  • Tenant Fit-Outs
  • Public Sector

Markets Served

As we gain a greater understanding of the role that athletics play in society and our personal lives, both psychologically and physically, the idea of creating spaces for these events becomes deeply rooted into what we know about the body and how we move. Just as our bodies must adapt and change, so too should the environments in which we push ourselves.
College & University.
Within institutes of higher learning, several things must be taken into account. First, the programmatic requirements and the way a space is meant to be usedmust be considered, and second, fostering the environment that is conducive to sense of community and camaraderie among students and staff. Numerous factors come into play when thinking about a space and the way it is employed.
Commercial design can clearly be defined as any environment that influences the success of a business. There are many complexities and paths to fulfilling clients' needs while maintaining their vision; this presents an interesting set of design demands.
Through developing programmatic and user requirements, tactical objectives, and enhancing workplace culture, our objective is to provide design solutions that are concise and work with the individual goals of each client. Through design, we assist in the development and maintenance of efficiency.
We believe in promoting healing through exceptional design. There are many factors that can create a tranquil and therapeutic environment; the way light fills a space, views from patient rooms, incorporating natural elements throughout the interior and exterior.
The concept of Industrial design can take many forms; we believe that in working with both large and small assignments, we are charged with the task of designing spaces to meet needs. Spaces that improve efficiency, workplace environment, fulfill programmatic requirements, and keep your business going- whether you're just getting started, expanding or renovating.
Public Sector.
Working within the government sector for a number of years has provided us with incredible insight and knowledge of the inner-workings and needs of many branches.